Doha Fifth Stadium,

The concept for the Fifth Precinct Stadium ‘s new landscape is based on a contemporary interpretation of Wadi and Rain gardens in an urban context and the use of special paving and vegetation.

Wadi, in Arabic language, refers to valley or a dry river bed and that contains water only during times of heavy rain. Characterized by a depression in the ground, the Wadi doesn’t have permanent channels caused to the discontinuous flow of water. Vegetation, normally tolerant to the heat, will populate between rocks and gravels. Rain gardens are planted depression or holes that allows rainwater runoff from impervious urban areas giving the opportunity to absorb the water and reduce the flooding episodes.

Paving has a big role in the new landscape. Three types of alternative paving will be lay on the ground: stabilized tilled soil, compacted gravel and self-locking will be carefully positioned on site.

Vegetation places a big role in the project. All the main paths will fully shaded by trees, will protect the users from the heat, and the main paths will be identified by signature palms.

Doha, Qatar


56 ha



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