Shade’s Graden,
Orticola 2013

Shade has been always, for the human being, the eternal place for the rest, reflection and contemplation.

The shade in reality is a place without shape: it does not have defined boundaries, changes continually according to the position of the sun and the clouds, disappears at noon to stretching to the infinite at the sunset. During this continuous and natural game between light and shade we have rare moments where the moon’s path crosses the sun: the Eclipse, that treat to every object on the earth, an instant of shade.

The concept for this garden is The Eclipse, magic and mysterious moment that always fascinates the human being. The main Idea is to create in the hart of the Orticola’s Garden Festival, a small and cozy place, almost like an hidden Oasis where for a moment be fascinated by suggestions and thoughts. Two circular and concentric shapes remind us the phenomenon of eclipse, merging light and shade; walking through the external perimeter will get to the center of the garden, the secret part where will find colors and vegetation typical of the shade areas that will become a stage for a sculptural tree.

Eclipse like metaphor of the shade, but especially as an evocation of a particular and special moment of silence and meditation.

Milan, Italy


36 m²

Orticola di Lombardia 2013

Felice Mariani
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